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Technology / Internet of Things

Genesis AI Corp: A Future Unburned

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence as a hot Investment Sector.

Justin Wong (JW) October 11, 2023

Internet giant Yahoo plans return to the stock market

The former Internet giant Yahoo wants to build on past successes with an IPO

Scott Wright (SW) July 5, 2023

Apple drastically reduces production plans for data glasses

Technical difficulties lead to massive cutbacks in Apple's new data glasses

Gabriel Thomas (GT) July 4, 2023

Pentagon splits $9 billion cloud computing deal among tech giants

Google, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft strike a long-fought deal after legal challenges stalled the previous deal

Gabriel Thomas (GT) December 8, 2022

Microsoft warns of cloud computing slowdown

Company strikes a cautious note as its customers "optimize" their spending to save money

Ibrahim Al-Tarik October 26, 2022

Salesforce now has a tool targeting Covid-affected businesses

The new module aims to help companies that are struggling during the pandemic.

Byron King (B_K) March 11, 2021

Google is allowing Users for more Privacy

The change of mood for the Tech giant will include Android anti-tracking software.

Byron King (B_K) February 13, 2021

Scratch to enhance Salesforce Platform

The company is planning to make the Salesforce platform more enjoyable.

Byron King (B_K) February 11, 2021

Clubhouse Media is the next Reddit target

The social media group is at the focus of young investors.

Steffen Boehm February 6, 2021

The Esports Trend is Here to Stay

Here is the next multi-billion dollar industry.

Frank Meyer January 8, 2021
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