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Politics / Energy Policies


E.ON: Germany on the way to the 2030 hydrogen target

E.ON: Germany makes progress with green hydrogen, but challenges remain

Frank Lehmann 21. April 2023

Germany plans energy savings of 26.5% by 2030

Germany plans drastic cuts by 2030 to secure energy supply and achieve climate neutrality

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 3. April 2023

EU decides to phase out internal combustion vehicles from 2035

The end for combustion engines: How Germany enforced an exemption and what it means for the future

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 28. März 2023

EU proposes changes to electricity market

Proposals aim to protect consumers from price hikes and accelerate transition to renewables

Andrew Friedman (AF) 14. März 2023

EU Commission plans expansion of raw materials

EU Commission plans law to strengthen raw material independence by 2030

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 9. März 2023

Nord Stream 2 investor wants to leave Russia

Wintershall Dea criticized for exploration and production of gas and oil after the Kremlin invaded Ukraine

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 18. Januar 2023

Europe cuts gas demand by a quarter

Countries have found alternative sources to reduce dependence on Russia

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 5. Dezember 2022

Liz Truss promises to push fracking in England to increase energy security

Britain's new PM vows to end three-year fracking ban and 'produce gas in as little as six months'

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 9. September 2022

Bank of England rate hikes likely despite energy cost freeze

Chief Economist Pill says action is needed to bring inflation down over the longer term

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 8. September 2022

German companies halt production to cope with rising energy prices

Economics Minister Robert Habeck describes the development as "alarming" for German SMEs

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 2. September 2022
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