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Raw Materials as Chess Pieces in the Ukraine Conflict?

How Putin's Strategy Influences Europe's Energy Transition and Technological Future

Scott Wright (SW) September 5, 2023

China will "not hesitate to start a war" if Taiwan declares independence

Chinese defense minister warns his American counterpart

Ibrahim Al-Tarik June 13, 2022

US wants to maintain military capabilities to defend Taiwan

Lloyd Austin warns China against 'provocative' military activity at Asian Defense Forum

Ibrahim Al-Tarik June 11, 2022

US to deliver longer-range missile systems to Ukraine

Kyiv had asked Washington for weapons that could give the country an advantage in artillery combat

Ibrahim Al-Tarik June 1, 2022

Quad unveils satellite-based maritime initiative to defend against China

The program was announced a day after Joe Biden announced that the US would use force to protect Taiwan from attack

Ibrahim Al-Tarik May 24, 2022

Senate sends $50bn to Biden's desk for Ukraine

More than half of the funds are earmarked for military spending to enable Ukraine to fight Russia

Marcus Stuart (MS) May 20, 2022

Rheinmetall wants to deliver up to 50 tanks to Ukraine

Economics Minister Robert Habeck sees "Germany's obligation" and warns of a Russian attack "in the East"

Ibrahim Al-Tarik April 12, 2022

NATO countries agree to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine

Russia admits "significant troop losses" as Donbass prepares for new offensive

Ibrahim Al-Tarik April 8, 2022

The West and playing with fire

Despite Putin's warning not to interfere in Ukraine, arms shipments continue

Ibrahim Al-Tarik March 6, 2022

Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on high alert

Moscow is slapped with new financial sanctions and Germany increases its military spending

Ibrahim Al-Tarik February 27, 2022
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