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Commodities / Lithium


Seawater as a potential lithium substitute?

Chloride ions: New hope for green batteries of the future

Scott Wright (SW) 16. August 2023

EU Commission plans expansion of raw materials

EU Commission plans law to strengthen raw material independence by 2030

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 9. März 2023

Battle for lithium: carmakers buy in from miners

Rising demand for lithium drives auto industry to secure direct access

Marcus Stuart (MS) 24. Februar 2023

EU finances first lithium project in Europe

LiCORNE: EU plans to build its own lithium supply chain to strengthen European battery production

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 22. Februar 2023

Nickel, cobalt and lithium prices rise

Electric vehicles have massive impact on raw materials market

Marcus Stuart (MS) 4. Februar 2022

"Lithium will definitely replace biofuels"

In the north of Argentina, the rush for the "white gold" is picking up speed

Karl Hoffmann 16. September 2021

New sensor for detecting rare earths in acid mine waste

Device can be used to improve the supply of these metals to the United States

Byron King (B_K) 25. August 2021

The EV boom is finally coming to Russia

Moscow just announced to introduce hundreds of EV charging stations in the city.

Marcus Stuart (MS) 1. August 2021

Ford will supply US Postal Service with electric vehicles

The American car manufacturer has bagged a contract with the country´s largest mail delivery company.

Andrew Friedman (AF) 6. Juli 2021

Demand for graphite to increase strongly amidst EV boom

As more Electric Vehicles need to be equipped with batteries, prices for graphite are likely to rise.

Jackson Chen (J_C) 14. Juni 2021
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