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Commodities / Lithium

Quadruple Battery Demand by 2030: Key Insights from Bain & Company

Global Battery Demand Soars: Lithium-Ion Batteries and Emerging Technologies Lead the Charge

Editorial Team (ET) July 18, 2024

The Copper Crunch: Can We Meet the Demand for EVs by 2050?

The Urgent Need for Copper: Meeting the Electrification Demands by 2050

Editorial Team (ET) July 15, 2024

Biden’s $1.7 Billion Investment to Supercharge Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Biden’s $1.7 Billion Boost for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in Key States

Editorial Team (ET) July 11, 2024

Indiana’s $1.2 Billion EV Battery Separator Factory Funded by US DOE

ENTEK’s $1.2 Billion Boost: Strengthening the US EV Supply Chain with a New Battery Separator Factory

Editorial Team (ET) July 9, 2024

The Future of EVs: Mercedes-Benz's New Battery Campus in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Takes Control of Battery Innovation with New Stuttgart Facility

Editorial Team (ET) July 8, 2024

Europe Targets Chinese EVs with New Provisional Tariffs

EU's Provisional Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles Set to Shake Up Global Trade Dynamics

Editorial Team (ET) July 4, 2024

Tesla Defies Odds with Better-than-Expected EV Sales

Tesla's Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Beating Estimates with a Less-Drastic Drop in EV Sales

Editorial Team (ET) July 2, 2024

Exxon's Strategic Lithium Move: Betting on EV Demand Surge

Exxon Mobil Corp. Enters the Lithium Market with a Bold Bet on Rising EV Demand

Editorial Team (ET) June 26, 2024

Saudi Arabia's Mining Minister to Visit Chile in July for Lithium Talks

Saudi Minister’s Visit Aims to Strengthen Lithium Ties with Chile

Editorial Team (ET) June 17, 2024

Warren Buffett and Occidental: A Powerful Alliance for Lithium Extraction

Revolutionizing Lithium Production: A Sustainable Partnership for the Future

Editorial Team (ET) June 4, 2024
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