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Oil prices rise due to economic optimism

Experts see demand concerns as "exaggerated" and focus on limited oil supply

Adam Giddens (AG) 8. Mai 2023

Shell and Equinor earnings exceed forecasts

Energy companies defy low prices: Rising profits thanks to trading activities and cost-cutting measures

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 4. Mai 2023

Six Dax companies defy crisis

All the rest of the 40 companies listed in the leading index have failed to increase their net profits since 2019

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 21. Februar 2023

Chinese stocks sell off after Xi Jinping's show of force

Nasdaq Golden Dragon Index lost 14.4 percent on Monday

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 25. Oktober 2022

S&P 500 rebounds 2.4% after sharp weekly decline

US Treasuries come under pressure as markets reopen after a one-day holiday

Marcus Stuart (MS) 22. Juni 2022

Strongest weekly decline in stock markets since the outbreak of the pandemic

The FTSE All World Index falls 5.6% this week as rising interest rates threaten the outlook

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 18. Juni 2022

US stocks down 3.9%, closing in bear market as inflation fears mount

Treasury yields are rising at their highest rate in years as the Federal Reserve plans to hike interest rates sharply

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 14. Juni 2022

Emerging markets hit by worst sell-off in decades

Central bank rate hikes, geopolitical risks and slowing growth are fueling an investor rush for safety

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 29. Mai 2022

COVID takes momentum out of global economy

Pessimistic report of the World Bank

Justin Wong (JW) 16. Januar 2022

Goldman lowers China's GDP target for 2022

Exports are not the problem

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 15. Januar 2022
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