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Apple Under Pressure in China

Despite US Sanctions, Huawei Shows Resilience and Success

Scott Wright (SW) 30. Oktober 2023

Tesla becomes more ordinary

Price cuts reduce exceptional profitability

Scott Wright (SW) 20. Oktober 2023

Chip sanctions challenge Russia's tech ambitions

Loss of access to top-of-the-line chips from Asia hurts efforts to develop advanced weapons, artificial intelligence and robotics

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 20. März 2022

How economical is the Solana blockchain?

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin: Competitors must "find a more sustainable business model for the network"

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 16. März 2022

El Salvador's president wants Bitcoin as a means of payment

Nayib Bukele hopes measure will create additional jobs

Justin Wong (JW) 8. Februar 2022

Privacy concerns about facial recognition technology

U.S. Department of the Treasury is considering alternatives

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 30. Januar 2022

Microsoft's largest strategic acquisition to date

Acquired Activision for $68.7 billion

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 19. Januar 2022

Bitcoin Consolidation Is "Normal"

Analysts set $ 80K BTC price target

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 9. November 2021

Velas launches its first DEX

40 more projects in the pipeline

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 4. November 2021

Wall Street opens doors to Bitcoin exchange-traded funds

Fund traded over $ 1 billion on day one

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 28. Oktober 2021
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