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A Beginner´s Guide to PEA's and Feasibility Studies

Before a project becomes a mine, several technical studies must be completed.

Andrew Friedman (AF) 26. September 2023

China's lithium campaign threatens Germany and Europe

Chinese companies invest billions in Latin America and Africa to secure lithium deposits

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 20. Juni 2023

Shortage of raw materials: SUV trend intensifies scarcity of rare earths

Off-road vehicle industry boom exacerbates raw material shortage problem for critical minerals

Marcus Stuart (MS) 12. Juni 2023

Portugal approves largest lithium mine in Europe

Environmental protests and concerns about environmental impacts accompany approval

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 7. Juni 2023

Protests at Thyssenkrupp: Steelworkers demand state subsidies

Uncertainty around green steel mill: thyssenkrupp workers send signal against possible cuts

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 2. Juni 2023

Platinum market faces massive deficit: carmakers secure coveted metal

Production forecast: 8 million ounces this year with deficit of 128,000 ounces

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 15. Mai 2023

Alibaba plans to split into six companies

Alibaba's radical reform: A new chapter for China's online retail giant

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 29. März 2023

EU Commission plans expansion of raw materials

EU Commission plans law to strengthen raw material independence by 2030

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 9. März 2023

Hollywood wants a stake in Netflix's ad-supported streaming service

The new service is rolling out in 12 markets this week to boost revenue

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 2. November 2022

Glencore's trading partner in China is in a liquidity crisis

Sale of Refined Copper: Mining Group Reduces Offer to Principal Broker Maike

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 27. September 2022
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