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Technology / Blockchain

Genesis AI Corp: A Future Unburned

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence as a hot Investment Sector.

Justin Wong (JW) 11. Oktober 2023

German Federal Fiscal Court confirms tax liability for crypto gains

Federal Supreme Court rules that cryptocurrencies are taxable and subject to income tax law

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 28. Februar 2023

BlockFi is suing Sam Bankman-Fried over Robinhood stock

The lawsuit against the FTX founder comes at a time when another crypto company has filed for bankruptcy protection

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 29. November 2022

Crypto crisis: Coinbase lays off almost a fifth of its employees

The US-listed company "grew too fast" during last year's bull market, says Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong

Frank Lehmann 15. Juni 2022

How economical is the Solana blockchain?

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin: Competitors must "find a more sustainable business model for the network"

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 16. März 2022

Bitcoin's recovery rally comes to a halt

Traders turn their focus to $45,000

Justin Wong (JW) 10. Februar 2022

El Salvador's president wants Bitcoin as a means of payment

Nayib Bukele hopes measure will create additional jobs

Justin Wong (JW) 8. Februar 2022

Crypto scams to cost $14 billion in 2021

Research by Chainalysis

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 9. Januar 2022

Founder of Shiba Inu Exposed

Influencer calls cryptocurrency a scam

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 23. Dezember 2021

Cryptocurrencies have seen record inflows in the first 11 months

So far, $ 9.5 billion has flowed into the sector

Marcus Stuart (MS) 4. Dezember 2021
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