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Politics / Economic Policies

Oil Price Caught in the Crosshairs of Global Crises

From Mild Fluctuations to Dramatic Jumps

Ethan Lewis (EL) 3. November 2023

FCA Lifts Bonus Restrictions

Effort to Boost Competitiveness Post-Brexit

Justin Wong (JW) 25. Oktober 2023

Hope for Declining Inflation in the Eurozone

Unexpected Decline in M3 Money Supply and Slowing Credit Growth as Positive Indicators

Scott Wright (SW) 29. August 2023

BRICS alliance plans expansion with six new members

China's President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of expansion

Scott Wright (SW) 25. August 2023

German economy faces recession: service sector weakens

Purchasing managers' index at a worrying 44.7 points in July

Marcus Stuart (MS) 24. August 2023

BRICS Summit: New Way to Balance the Powers

Leaders from emerging economies seek alternatives to the West and strengthen their position vis-à-vis established institutions

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 22. August 2023

Economist warns against overly ideological economic policy

Economist Schularick emphasizes social cohesion in the face of necessary change and urges consideration of transformation processes

Gabriel Thomas (GT) 1. August 2023

EU Parliament approves billions in funding for domestic microchip production

43 billion euros to promote domestic microchip production: Europe wants to become independent

Ibrahim Al-Tarik 12. Juli 2023

Chinese Oil Imports from Russia Reach Record Levels

Growing economic ties between China and Russia despite Western criticism

Marcus Stuart (MS) 21. Juni 2023

Russia acquires another Western company

Previously, the plant belonged to the German technology group Robert Bosch

Scott Wright (SW) 15. Juni 2023
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