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Norway Bans Diesel-Powered Cruise Ships in Fjords

Starting in 2026, emissions-free propulsion will navigate Geirangerfjord to protect nature and reduce emissions

Marcus Stuart (MS) 15. November 2023

Relaxed Working Time Rules for Children

Rise in Child Labor in the USA

Justin Wong (JW) 14. November 2023

Energy Consumption In Industry Declined

Due to high prices, consumption in 2022 decreased by 9.1 percent, particularly in natural gas consumption

Ethan Lewis (EL) 13. November 2023

SoftBank Suffers From Wework's Bankruptcy and Yen Weakness

Arm IPO offers hope

Ethan Lewis (EL) 10. November 2023

Rivian Surprises With Strong Quarterly Figures

With robust quarterly figures and a raised sales target, the company positions itself as a serious Tesla rival

Andrew Friedman (AF) 9. November 2023

Airbnb Faces Court Over Tax Dispute

Italian Justice Seizes €780 Million

Marcus Stuart (MS) 8. November 2023

Trump Accused of Manipulating Real Estate Values

Former President Denies Responsibility for Financial Statements

Marcus Stuart (MS) 7. November 2023

Panama Canal Forced to Reduce Capacity Due to Drought

Low Water Levels in Gatún Lake Lead to Decrease in Shipping Traffic

Ethan Lewis (EL) 6. November 2023

Oil Price Caught in the Crosshairs of Global Crises

From Mild Fluctuations to Dramatic Jumps

Ethan Lewis (EL) 3. November 2023

Wework in Crisis: Stock Price Plummets

Bankruptcy rumors and debt issues shake the coworking giant

Byron King (B_K) 2. November 2023
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