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Politics / Monetary Policies

Cathie Wood's Portfolio Restructuring: New Investments and Strategies

Discover how the renowned investor diversifies into innovative companies and leverages emerging trends

Gabriel Thomas (GT) January 4, 2024

Water as an Investment: Opportunities for Investors in the Growing Market

From Drinking Water Supply to Technology: Diversified Investment Opportunities in the Future of Water

Scott Wright (SW) December 19, 2023

Wall Street Hits Record High

Challenges and Opportunities: The Turbulent Developments on the US Stock Markets and Their Implications

Scott Wright (SW) December 18, 2023

Ebbing Interest Rate Euphoria Among US Investors

Market Reactions, Commodities, and Individual Stocks: Analysis Following the Fed Decision and Warren Buffett's Investment

Gabriel Thomas (GT) December 15, 2023

US Inflation on the Decline

Core Rate Remains Persistently High - Fed Interest Rate Cuts Still Distant

Junior Stocks Editor (JSE) December 13, 2023

IMF drastically lowers economic forecast for Germany

Germany is likely to be the only major economy to slip into recession this year

Gabriel Thomas (GT) July 26, 2023

Eurozone economy slips surprisingly into recession

Economic output down 0.1 percent compared with previous quarter

Marcus Stuart (MS) June 9, 2023

China's economic recovery slows despite easing of Corona measures

China's economic downturn weighs on exports and raises concerns about recovery

Gabriel Thomas (GT) June 1, 2023

British central bank raises key interest rate to combat inflation

Bank of England raises key interest rate to curb inflation - impact on UK stock market and economy.

Ibrahim Al-Tarik May 12, 2023

Gold prices stagnate ahead of US inflation data

Will U.S. inflation influence Fed policy? Experts disagree

Ethan Lewis (EL) May 10, 2023
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