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Industries / Mobility

Rivian Surprises With Strong Quarterly Figures

With robust quarterly figures and a raised sales target, the company positions itself as a serious Tesla rival

Andrew Friedman (AF) November 9, 2023

Setbacks in the Electric Vehicle Eegment for Ford

Traditional vehicle segments offset losses and generate profits

Andrew Friedman (AF) October 27, 2023

LG Energy Solutions Raises Alarm on E-Vehicle Market

Uncertain Future Despite Planned Production Boost

Byron King (B_K) October 26, 2023

Tesla becomes more ordinary

Price cuts reduce exceptional profitability

Scott Wright (SW) October 20, 2023

Toyota shareholders vote against climate resolution

Shareholders' meeting shows backing for Board of Management. New focus on electric vehicles

Gabriel Thomas (GT) June 14, 2023

Tesla lowers prices again in the USA

New price cuts for Model Y and Model 3 ahead of Q1 results

Ibrahim Al-Tarik April 19, 2023

Indonesia plans free trade agreement for battery raw materials

The country wants to attract foreign investors with free trade agreements for battery raw materials and make better use of its mineral resources

Ibrahim Al-Tarik April 13, 2023

EU decides to phase out internal combustion vehicles from 2035

The end for combustion engines: How Germany enforced an exemption and what it means for the future

Gabriel Thomas (GT) March 28, 2023

Porsche celebrates successful year 2022

Porsche enters the new year on an optimistic note thanks to IPO and jump in profits - dividend for shareholders

Gabriel Thomas (GT) March 13, 2023

Battle for lithium: carmakers buy in from miners

Rising demand for lithium drives auto industry to secure direct access

Marcus Stuart (MS) February 24, 2023
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